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Fortress MASH compliant concrete barriers

By the 31st December 2020, any temporary safety barriers used on Australian roads need to comply with a set of testing criteria known as MASH. This transition from the existing test criteria to new MASH standards has been going on since 2017 and is soon to become mandatory at the end of this year.

Deltabloc barriers protect 60T crane for Sydney Metro

Laing O’Rourke is building the new Central Station as part of the massive Sydney Metro project.

Around 27 metres below ground, the new station joins the existing Central platforms in the centre of Sydney, providing links to the expansive Sydney Metro network and existing inner-city train lines.

A water fillable barrier that is great for rental companies

The Lo-Ro has a stout design for maximum stability and durability. This reduces the clear zone requirement which provides an additional margin of safety for construction crews in the work zone. When full of water it weighs 726kg, and when empty weighs 72kg.

Our specialist team of barrier experts can provide all the documentation you require along with a fast quote and estimated delivery times.

Modular anti-gawk screens for concrete and plastic barriers

Concrete and water filled barriers are a key part of any work site. Tough, sturdy and seriously heavy, they serve to protect workers from vehicles – and protect the public from the work zone.

So what’s the solution? How do you get a water filled barrier with a fence panel in one unit? Well, conveniently, we can help!

Concrete crash barriers for Bankstown Airport carpark

Bankstown Airport’s 2019 draft master plan proposes that the major Western Sydney Airport that is soon to be built nearby would have significant impact on Bankstown’s aviation operations in the long term.

The contractor sourced a series of Deltabloc DB80 concrete crash barriers from Fortress Fencing.

VicRoads Approved Barriers

Make sure your barrier is approved for road use in Victoria. Aside from keeping your workers safe, you need to ensure you’re meeting other compliance obligations too. Any contractors working on the declared road network in Victoria need to ensure they’re using a product that is in line with the VicRoads standards for safety barriers.

RMS Approved Temporary Barriers: Concrete and Plastic

The RMS website contains a list of MASH tested products that are accepted by RMS. This includes water filled barriers like the Armorzone and Lo-Ro and more heavy-duty concrete barriers like the Deltabloc. 

Confused? We can help you choose the right barriers that are accepted by RMS and that are best suited to your project. 

Concrete Barriers: Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve probably seen a few brand names on barriers as you drive past roadworks or construction zones.

At Fortress we sell and recommend the Deltabloc concrete barriers: these are fully approved, tough, tick all the boxes, are freight friendly, easy to install, reasonably priced and fit a wide range of crash cushions.

Is it better to buy or hire water filled barriers?

Having spent decades in the industry providing fast, cheap and effective fencing and barrier solutions to contractors, we’re not going to pull the wool over your eyes.

Our team have experience on both sides of the fence, so to speak – with years of experience in both hire companies and in sales. So, we know a thing or two about cost/benefit ratios and return on investment. If you’re wanting to hire water filled barriers, give our Fortress Fencing team a call first.