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Concrete Barriers: Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve probably seen a few brand names on barriers as you drive past roadworks or construction zones.

At Fortress we sell and recommend the Deltabloc concrete barriers: these are fully approved, tough, tick all the boxes, are freight friendly, easy to install, reasonably priced and fit a wide range of crash cushions.

Armorzone MASH Temporary Traffic Barriers for Sydney work sites

Working alongside fast-moving traffic is always a high-risk activity. However, often it can’t be avoided when you are working on road work projects in the city. Even on smaller or shorter duration roadwork projects, safety is a key consideration that mustn’t be overlooked.

Our Sydney-based barrier solutions expert, Ben Lorne, is often asked which temporary traffic barriers are the best ones to buy.

Is it better to buy or hire water filled barriers?

Having spent decades in the industry providing fast, cheap and effective fencing and barrier solutions to contractors, we’re not going to pull the wool over your eyes.

Our team have experience on both sides of the fence, so to speak – with years of experience in both hire companies and in sales. So, we know a thing or two about cost/benefit ratios and return on investment. If you’re wanting to hire water filled barriers, give our Fortress Fencing team a call first.

Serious freight savings for John Holland Seymour Whyte

When contractors working on the Bruce Highway Duplication near Cairns required concrete crash barriers, local supply was a problem.

The team at Fortress Fencing was determined to find a solution to circumvent the hefty freight costs and still provide the barriers required for this project.

Lo-Ro Water Filled Barriers for WestConnex

Working around active traffic situations, it was critical for workers to fence off work zones with a safety barrier.
The Fortress Fencing team supplied 200 metres of Lo-Ro barriers to the site. The Lo-Ro water cable barrier is MASH Tested to TL-1 & TL-2, and designed for applications where low deflection is important.

Concrete Road Barriers at Hoppers Crossing, Victoria

Fortress Fencing supplied Deltabloc DB80 Concrete road barriers fitted with steel anti-gawking screens and SLED end treatments.

In this application, the Western Program Alliance team have used SLED end terminals fitted to the concrete crash barriers. SLED stands for Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater.

4 types of fencing your construction site needs

Depending on the area and considerations such as the type of traffic, the type of protection/security, and the permanence of the barrier, there are four main types of barriers to choose from.

Depending on the area and considerations such as the type of traffic, the type of protection/security, and the permanence of the barrier, there are four main types of barriers to choose from.

Water Filled Barriers for Victorian Prison Construction

Temporary access roads needed to be be built and the contractor required a strong and stable barrier to line these roads. Water field barriers presented an ideal solution due to their flexible nature – as the site needs changed and the construction work progressed, the barriers could be shifted as necessary.

Creating Exclusion Zones on Site

Fortress Fencing’s 2000 Series galvanized fence panels presented an ideal solution to create a simple and effective exclusion zone.

The 2.4 metre long panels are quickly and easily erected by two people using concrete filled fence feet and bracing to hold them in place.

Fencing solutions for Echo Point, Katoomba

Fortress Fencing was able to assist the contractor with both lightweight crowd control barriers and sturdy temporary fencing for the site.

Fortress orange crowd control barriers which were used around the visitor centre to create a single direction flow of traffic. This was to ensure the centre complied with COVID Safe guidelines.