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3 types of fencing for construction professionals

Temporary fencing is widely used on construction, building and infrastructure work sites, and wherever privacy and security is needed. But ‘temporary fencing’ can mean a few different things.

Here are the 3 main types of temporary fencing that construction and infrastructure contractors typically need on site.

Create Work Site Parking Areas with Plastic Water Filled Barriers

John Holland and the North West Program Alliance are delivering the $542 million Bell to Moreland contract. Part of Melbourne’s major Level Crossing Removal Project, this package of works involves the removal of four level crossings on the Upfield line, and the construction of two new stations at Coburg and Moreland.

Regulations for Australian Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is everywhere on construction sites throughout Australia. It restricts access to unauthorized personnel, helps to secure and contain equipment and building materials, and can help to prevent construction activities from impacting on the surrounding area.

The Australian Standard covers what the fencing should be made from, where and how to install it, and how to allow for changes to the fencing’s strength and balance which can occur when shade cloth is added.

Is it really cheaper to rent a fence?

The hidden costs of temporary fencing hire: Is it really cheaper to rent a fence?

At first glance it can seem cheaper to rent a fence for your building site. Why would you want to buy a fence? You only need it for a few months. It would be ‘easier’ to just rent a fence… or would it? Let’s take a look at why this may not be the case.

Temporary Construction Fencing for Brisbane Work Sites

For Brisbane contractors that are working on construction projects, renovations, demolition or extensions, it’s critical to have a secure perimeter fence around your work site.

In general, a temporary construction fence that is correctly installed and locked is likely to address the risks for the majority of Brisbane work sites.

Trafix Waterfilled Barriers in Melbourne

Fortress Fencing has been supplying the West Gate Tunnel Project with consumables, barriers and temporary fencing throughout the life of the project, including the Trafix water filled barriers.

Here in the West Gate Tunnel’s West Zone, hundreds of water filled barriers are being utilized around the worksite to direct traffic along access roads and demarcate exclusion zones.

Melbourne Temporary Fencing: West Gate Tunnel

Melbourne’s West Gate Tunnel is delivering an alternative to Melbourne’s busy West Gate Bridge. The project is a partnership between the Victorian Government and Transurban, and is being built by CPB Contractors and John Holland in a joint venture (CPBJH JV).

Introducing the Lo-Ro Water Filled Barrier

The Lo-Ro is a new water filled barrier on the local market, available from Fortress Fencing. This new road barrier has the best TL-2 deflection in its class in the local market, offering shorter clear zones and a shorter minimum length.

Temporary Fence Panels for Windsor Bridge Replacement

Due to the inability of the original bridge to manage this volume of traffic and its age, RMS has engaged Georgiou Group to build a replacement bridge featuring two lanes southbound and one northbound.

An affordable temporary fence was required and Fortress Fencing was able to assist.