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Portable Toilet

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The portable toilet is a durable and reliable solution for sanitation needs, with a reinforced single skin roof, twin skin walls, and keyed lock for added security. It features an extra-large waste and freshwater tank, hygienic fresh water flush system, self-draining floor, and foot-operated pumps for flushing and hand washing. Its lifting lugs and galvanised steel skid make it easy to move.

Container-Mounted Shelters

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Container-mounted shelters – constructed from high strength, woven polyethylene fabric tensioned over heavy-duty, lightweight steel framework, they’ve equivalent strength to conventional structures.

The shelters come in kit form with detailed assembly instructions, meaning they can be self-installed. Most sizes can be installed in one day.

LED Solar Light For Portable Toilet

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Features Solar Powered Motion Sensor Portable Toilet LED Light – the perfect solution to illuminate your portable toilet in low light conditions. This super bright LED light can be easily mounted, providing bright and clear visibility, early in the morning or late at night. With the solar-powered feature, no extra wiring or electricity is required, […]