How to brace your temporary fencing

racing is an essential part of a sturdy temporary fencing system. Temporary fence bracing provides reinforcement and therefore extra support to long straight tracts of temporary fence. Additionally, it ensures fences are less likely to be hampered by wind and weather. It also provides a counterweight support for fences covered in banner mesh or shadecloth.

Fortress Fencing Videos

Watch our video and discover how quickly our Australian-made temporary fencing panels can be installed.

As shown in the video, there are 3 steps to installing temporary fencing panels

How to choose the Best Water Filled Barriers for Road Work

Choosing a water filled barrier ultimately comes down to the posted speed limit on the road you’re working on. All water filled barriers used on Australian roads need to have a MASH rating to ensure that in the event of an accident or impact from a vehicle, the barrier will actually perform as expected.

A MASH TL-2 Rated barrier – the Armorzone, for example – can be used in areas with a posted speed limit of up to 70km/hr.

Road traffic barriers: the ultimate in worksite safety

Road traffic barriers are often one of the first items to be installed at a worksite, ensuring that workers can be kept safe. Road barriers can be made from steel, concrete or plastic and they are used to line the traffic facing perimeter of work sites, protecting workers from cars and trucks passing by.

Types of highway barriers for road infrastructure projects

Road safety barriers are rugged barricades made from concrete, steel or plastic. These highway barriers can often be seen on road and infrastructure projects where construction crews are building new bridges, duplicating highways, constructing new lanes and similar works.