Introducing the Lo-Ro Water Filled Barrier

The Lo-Ro is a new water filled barrier on the local market, available from Fortress Fencing. This new road barrier has the best TL-2 deflection in its class in the local market, offering shorter clear zones and a shorter minimum length.

This means that contractors can take advantage of the convenience of shorter clear zones without compromising on safety. It is designed for applications where low deflection is critical, and in addition the shorter minimum length saves you money and installation time whilst still providing excellent protection up to 70km/hr. Plus, the Lo-Ro has multi-speed deflection having successfully been tested to MASH TL-1.

Fully Approved and Compliant

The Lo-Ro complies with AS/NZS 3845 and is Austroads approved, as well as being approved for use by NSW RMS, QLD TMR and SA DPTI to 70km/hr.

Reduced Clear Zones = Safer For Workers

The Lo-Ro’s stout design reduces the clear zone requirement which provides an additional margin of safety for workers in the work zone.

It is the lowest deflection MASH TL-2 Water-Filled Barrier on the market at only 3.6 metres. With three galvanized steel cables and strong interlocking knuckles between modules, it minimises penetration into the work zone.

Use with the SLED for a Complete Solution

The SLED end treatment is approved for use with the Lo-Ro, as it has been tested and passed MASH TL-2.

Stackable and Modular

The Lo-Ro has moulded stacking lugs allow for easy storage and transport, meaning you can transport and deploy the required length of barriers easily, ensuring a quick site setup. Its lower profile height provides increased visibility for motorists in urban areas, thereby increasing safety.

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