The 4 types of fencing your construction site needs

Fencing off areas and using barriers to make safe zones is a key part of any construction site set up. Different types of fencing and barriers can be used to create walkways, cordon off areas, create better security and ensure safety for workers and pedestrians.

Depending on the area and considerations such as the type of traffic, the type of protection/security, and the permanence of the barrier, there are four main types of barriers to choose from.

Which barriers are best for your site?

Create a barrier between the public and the site operations by using tall steel mesh construction fencing, usually known as temp fencing.

A barrier between vehicles and people can be constructed with water filled barriers, which provide low to medium speed protection.

Concrete barriers are another option to give extra protection against faster vehicles, or to protect critical assets such as the flyover pylons seen in these images.

And, for more simple outlines such as creating pedestrian walkways, crowd control barriers are an ideal lightweight choice.

Often, a combination of all different types can be used on site.

At the West Gate Tunnel project in Victoria, workers have used water filled barriers to separate vehicles from people; creating a walkway to the demountables.

On the opposite side of this access road, the water filled barriers provide a different function where they add weight and stability so that low-speed knocks and bumps from vehicles do not cause the temporary fence to topple over.

The temp fencing itself is creating security for plant and equipment, and the site office and parking on the other side of the lot.

And, because the temporary fencing feet protrude into the narrow access way, workers have used crowd control barriers here as an extra precaution, creating a buffer zone for workers on foot and ensuring the temporary fence bases do not present a tripping hazard.

Finally, concrete crash barriers have been used on this site for protection against vehicles at higher speed, or heavier vehicles. The precast concrete crash barriers provide median separation for vehicles moving around the site, and provide additional breakthrough protection around key areas such as the site office demountable.

This ensures that an errant vehicle cannot break through the barrier into the site office, causing a huge safety issue.

What kind of fencing and barriers does your project need?

Whether it’s simple pedestrian barriers through to heavyweight concrete crash barriers and more, Fortress Fencing has all types of construction barriers and fencing in stock and ready for delivery Australia wide.

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