Easy-Mount Anti-Gawk Screens

Maintain a safe and secure work environment with our innovative easy-mount anti-gawk screens. These robust mesh panels are designed to effectively reduce public visibility of your project, minimizing distractions for drivers and enhancing overall site security.

Effortless Installation for Maximum Efficiency

Our anti-gawk screens boast a unique standalone mounting system, allowing for quick and easy installation without the need for additional tools or complex procedures. This translates to significant time savings on your project and ensures a secure fit throughout operation.

Uncompromised Safety and Enhanced Public Perception

By obscuring the view of ongoing work, anti-gawk screens significantly reduce the risk of driver distraction caused by curiosity about your project. This translates to a safer environment for both drivers and workers on the road.

Maintain Privacy with Customizable Options

Our anti-gawk screens offer exceptional versatility. Attach site mesh for complete privacy, or utilize banner mesh to showcase your company logo or project details, transforming a safety measure into a valuable branding opportunity.

Product Specifications

Product Code03-EPCBP
Size20 KG – Light weight
Mesh257mm x 61.25mm, 4mm
SuitsAnti-gawk and Anti-debris applications

Improve roadside safety

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