Reinforce Perimeter Security

Anti-gawk screens add an extra layer of protection to your water-filled barriers, ideal for construction zones, event venues, and other temporary perimeters. They effectively deter onlookers and unwanted access, ensuring a safer work environment.

Promote Safety and Privacy

By obstructing the view into the secured area, anti-gawk screens minimise distractions for workers and safeguard sensitive activities from public scrutiny. This promotes a more focused and productive work atmosphere.

Fast and Effortless Installation

These lightweight panels seamlessly attach to existing water-filled barriers, requiring minimal setup time. Constructed from robust materials like galvanised steel, they can withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure long-lasting performance.

Durable Construction

Manufactured from high-quality materials to withstand challenging weather conditions and ensure long-lasting performance.

Product Specifications

Product Code03-AZAGS
MaterialGalvanised steel

Reinforce worksite security and privacy

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