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Introducing the portable toilet – the ideal solution for your sanitation needs. This modern designed toilet system boasts a range of features that set it apart from others in its class. With its twin skin walls and reinforced single skin roof, it offers a strong and durable construction that can withstand heavy usage. The toilet also includes a keyed access door, ensuring the security of the contents inside.

The extra-large waste tank and freshwater tank make it perfect for extended periods of use, minimising the need for frequent maintenance. The hygienic fresh water flush system is operated by a reliable foot pump, ensuring efficient waste removal and a clean, fresh toilet every time.

It is easy to clean with its self-draining floor, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor events. The toilet is also fitted with lifting lugs and a galvanised steel skid, making it easy to move from one location to another.

With its reliable, hygienic foot operated pumps for flushing and hand washing, this portable toilet is a great investment for anyone who values cleanliness, convenience and comfort. So if you’re in need of a strong, reliable, and efficient portable toilet, this is the perfect model for you.

Size:1.15m x 1.15m x 2.3m
Water Tank : 130L
Waste Tank:390L