Quick and easy

Simple fitting, ready to go.

Effortless Waste Disposal

Eliminate pump truck dependency.

Streamlined waste handling

Secure, flexible waste management.

Effortless Waste Management for Fortress Portable Toilets

Unlock the convenience of our rear evacuation valves, designed specifically for Fortress Portable Toilets. Say goodbye to the need for pump or sucker trucks when it comes to emptying the waste tank.

Simplified Installation

Installation couldn’t be easier. Simply fit an evacuation valve and you’re good to go.

The Evacuation Valve: Streamlined Waste Disposal

The Evacuation Valve is a rear slide valve that seamlessly integrates with Fortress Portable Toilets, purpose-built to accommodate a large-diameter flexible hose, facilitating the gravity-draining or pumping of waste.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Fortress Portable Toilets
  • Accommodates large diameter waste hose