Protect Your Site with Solar CCTV Surveillance System

Protect your site around the clock with our all-in-one security solution. Our Solar CCTV Surveillance system offers continuous monitoring, remote access, and smart alerts, ensuring your entire site stays protected 24/7. It operates day and night, thanks to the included 120W solar panel and 500Wh LiFePO4 battery. It’s the perfect security solution for construction sites, infrastructure projects, and events, providing unmatched security and remote monitoring. Plus, even in cloudy conditions, it runs for up to 3 days without needing external power sources, reducing your environmental impact.

Uncompromising Coverage & Clarity:

The 4MP PTZ camera boasts a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) function, allowing you to remotely control the camera for a 360° view of your entire site. The 4x optical zoom captures fine details, while built-in infrared illumination ensures clear vision even in total darkness (up to 15 meters).

AI-Powered Intelligence:

This system goes beyond basic motion detection. Advanced video analytics with tripwire, intrusion detection, and perimeter protection identify people and vehicles, minimizing false alarms and allowing you to focus on real security threats.

Stay Informed with Instant Alerts

Receive instant notifications on your phone or via email whenever an alarm is triggered, keeping you informed of any activity on your site. With snapshots sent directly to your device or multiple recipients, you’ll stay updated on the go.

Seamless Remote Viewing & Installation

Enjoy remote viewing and playback of footage from anywhere with 3G/4G connectivity, accessible via smartphone or computer. Plus, streamline installation with the included camera mounting assembly, easily connecting to the separately available 4.5m galvanized pole and concrete base (03-SLRPOLH & 03-SLRPOLCNC) for a complete security solution.

Product Specifications

Panel Type:120W
Coversion Rate:Up to 21& efficiency
Battery:500Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate
Panel Adjustment:-60° – 60° tilt adjustable with angle compass
Wind Resistance:Up to 65m/s
Dimensions:1321 x 525 x 161mm
Pole DiameterØ50- 60mm

Ready to secure your site?

Protect your valuable equipment and ensure worker safety with a reliable and intelligent security solution.

Contact us today to learn more about this solar-powered PTZ CCTV system!

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