Hinged Solar CCTV Pole for Hassle-Free Installation

Effortlessly extend your surveillance reach with the revolutionary 4.5 meter hinged solar CCTV pole. This construction-grade solution provides reliable security for remote locations, eliminating the need for trenching or electrical wiring.

Key benefits:

  • Quick and Easy Installation: The innovative hinged design allows for ground-level camera mounting, eliminating the need for ladders or working at heights. This streamlines installation and minimizes safety risks.
  • Deployable Anywhere: Solar-powered and completely self-contained, this pole functions irrespective of existing power or grid infrastructure. Perfect for construction sites, temporary facilities, remote events, and more.
  • Durable Construction: Built with heavy-duty galvanized steel, this pole offers superior weather resistance and long-lasting performance.

Additional Information:

Compatible with SSL-B Series solar street lights and SLR-B Series surveillance systems. Available assembled or unassembled for easy transportation and storage. Delivery and installation options are available (Sydney Metropolitan area only).

Product Specifications

Product Code03-SLRPOLH
Pole Height4.5 meters
Material Galvanised Steel

Technical Documents

Enhance security operations and ensure worker safety

Secure any location with the 4.5m Hinged Solar CCTV Pole. Easy installation,

no ladders needed, ideal for construction, infrastructure & events.

Our friendly team is always happy to help and provide expert advice on the best solution for you.

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