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Site Mesh – Shade cloth

Shade Cloth & Scaffold Netting

Shade Cloth is commonly used on building sites, temporary fencing and scaffolding, offering privacy and reducing dust and debris for exiting the area.

Promote your brand with custom printed shade cloth – a cost efficient method to advertise your company on your temporary fencing.

Site Mesh – Scaffold Netting

Shade Cloth & Scaffold Netting

Scaffold Netting is commonly used for enclosing scaffolding to create a wind barrier, eliminating dust and debris affecting surrounding environments, increase pedestrian and worker safety.

The Scaffold Netting features a 35% UV Block out.

Site Mesh – Plastic Web Netting

Shade Cloth & Scaffold Netting

Our fire retardant plastic web mesh range is manufactured to the highest quality. With a flammability Index of 2 it provides excellent flammability resistance. Fire-Retardant Containment Mesh is a unique design and patented fire-retardant containment system used to enclose scaffolding from the inside.