Minimize Hassle with Versatile Scaffold Netting

This versatile product, also known as debris netting, construction netting, or scaffold netting, offers numerous benefits across construction, infrastructure, and event industries. It serves as a reliable safety measure, protecting both workers and pedestrians from potential hazards on construction sites.

Designed with high-tensile strength, our netting ensures durability and resilience in demanding construction environments. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, providing ongoing protection throughout the project duration.

Improved Visibility:

Available in green, orange, and blue, our netting offers 50% UV blockout while allowing more light penetration compared to traditional shade netting. This enhances on-site visibility and worker safety.

Multipurpose Applications:

  • Construction sites: Prevent falling objects, secure scaffolding, and control dust.
  • Events and festivals: Create privacy barriers, control crowds, and enhance aesthetics.
  • Civil construction and roadworks: Improve safety, control dust, and maintain visual appeal.

Additional Benefits:

  • Economical solution: Cost-effective compared to other fencing or privacy options.
  • Lightweight and breathable: Allows wind to pass through, reducing stress on the supporting structure.
  • Easy installation: Attaches securely to temporary fencing or other structures.

Product Specifications

Product Code 43-SCAFNET

Technical Documents

Enhance Safety and Visibility

Invest in versatile scaffold netting for a safer, more efficient, and visually appealing work site.

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