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Scaffold netting, commonly referred to as debris netting and construction netting has a wide variety of applications for your construction site.

Available in green, orange and blue, it provides 50% UV blockout, allowing more light than product such as chain & shade netting.

Scaffold netting is an effective tool to help reduce the risk of dropped objects falling from height on the building site. In addition, it can be used to cover temporary fencing and increase privacy, and reduce dust and debris from escaping the area.

Also known as scrim it is both economical and highly practical. Scaffold netting shade cloth allows wind to pass through easily, resulting in a lightweight load on the structure it is attached to.

In addition scaffold netting can come in handy as a privacy or debris screen for other projects, such as festivals, sporting events, civil constructions and roadworks. It can be easily fixed to temporary fencing or other structures, or can be used in a myriad of other ways!


If you need fencing to go with your construction netting, Fortress Fencing is the expert in temp fence in Australia, with locations in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. 

At Fortress, we understand the need to have stock of our products on hand at any given time, because on a construction site, time is money! For this very reason, approximately 700 panels roll off the production line every day. Each is made to an identical standard of quality and then stored securely to ensure you receive the fence just as it was made. With acres of yard space, Fortress have the ability to stock every panel in their range in enormous quantities – this means that whether you want 1 crowd control barrier or 15 kilometres of fencing there is no short supply when that truck arrives at your site.

Product Code:43-SHCLTH