Road traffic barriers: the ultimate in worksite safety

Highway barriers are a critical part of a safe site setup.

Road traffic barriers are often one of the first items to be installed at a worksite, ensuring that workers can be kept safe. Road barriers can be made from steel, concrete or plastic and they are used to line the traffic facing perimeter of work sites, protecting workers from cars and trucks passing by.

Along with temporary fencing, barriers are part of the initial site set up to secure the site and make it safe before your team begins work. But is it better to hire or buy your safety barriers?

Is it better to hire or buy road traffic barriers?

As a premier supplier of road traffic barriers to the Australian and New Zealand markets, we’re often asked whether it’s cheaper to buy or hire road barriers. Although there are many types of traffic barriers for hire, many infrastructure contractors choose to buy their barriers for a better return on investment, particularly over the long term.

Whilst it may seem cheaper to hire these highway barriers initially, the cost to hire can quickly add up when you consider the multiple projects that they will be used at. For a much more favourable return on investment, you can buy Fortress Fencing road traffic barriers at a surprisingly affordable price.

Plus, smart project managers who have decided to purchase barriers have ownership of a depreciable asset that can be used again and again on many different projects.

Tough and hard wearing, road traffic barriers rarely need replacing and will last for years and years if they are well looked after.

Where you can use road barriers

Highway barriers are ideal for any situations where people and vehicles need to be kept well away from each other. You can use them to:

  • Line the edges of work sites during highway roadworks, motorway and freeway works (providing the barriers are rated to the local traffic speed)
  • Create temporary site car parks
  • For permanent applications on private land, such as loading area carparks, docks and asset protection around buildings
  • Create safe pedestrian zones along streets and malls

Expert Assistance with Road Traffic Barrier Specifications

Our specialist team of safety barrier experts can provide all the documentation you require including test reports and approvals for our barriers.

Get in touch with our team today for more information or to get a fast quote.

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