Maintain a Safe and Secure Work Environment

Trafix 2000 Anti-Gawk Screens are designed to boost privacy and security in places like construction sites and event venues. These sturdy panels easily connect to Trafix 2000 water-filled barriers, creating a visual barrier that deters people from staring and keeps everyone focused on their tasks. By preventing distractions, these lightweight screens help maintain a safe and secure work environment, making it easier for workers to concentrate.

Unmatched Visual Privacy:

  • Shield workers and bystanders from visual distractions to enhance focus and productivity.
  • Ensure a safer work environment by eliminating unwanted distractions.
  • Conceal sensitive areas of the worksite to deter unwanted attention.
  • Safeguard materials and equipment by protecting sensitive areas.
  • Maintain focus by minimizing visual distractions in the workplace.

Enhanced Security and Control:

  • Create a strong security barrier by combining fence mesh with an anti-gawk screen.
  • Integrate fence mesh into the anti-gawk screen for enhanced site security.
  • Deter unauthorized access by implementing a robust barrier.
  • Improve crowd management during events or projects for better safety and control.
  • Restrict access to designated areas with the integrated fence mesh and anti-gawk screen.

Product Specifications

Product Code (Single Post Base)14-TWFBPOST
Product Code (Anti-Gawk Screen)14-TWFBS

Improve your construction site security and privacy today!

Trafix 2000 Anti-Gawk Screens enhance construction site security and privacy.

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