Efficient Crowd Management Solutions

Looking for crowd control barriers that are durable, reliable, and easy to install? Look no further than Fortress Fencing! Our high-quality barriers are designed to provide superior crowd management solutions for events and public gatherings. 

Locked in Place Panelling

Fortress Fencing steel crowd control barriers feature dual interlocking hinges. They are one of the only barriers on the market to feature these hinge points: this makes them one of the sturdiest barriers available on the market.

Key Features

  • Each barrier measures 1.1m high and 2.3m wide
  • Fully galvanised for extended life outdoors
  • Low profile: removable feet minimise trip hazard and allows easy storage
  • Designed for rapid deployment
  • Extremely stable

Easy Setup and Storage

Our fast mounting, interlocking system makes installation a breeze and our panels also offer removable feet. Once the feet are removed, stacking and storing the panels is simple.

The low intrusion flat feet help to prevent trip hazards. The feet also come with pre-drilled holes for bolt-down installations. This helps to ensure you meet your OH&S requirements, whilst providing the greatest safety to workers and pedestrians.

Crowd Control in Galvanised or Powder-coated Finish

Choose from two fully welded options: galvanised steel or bright orange powder-coated steel barriers. Customise your barriers with branding for a professional look and theft deterrence. Replacement feet are available separately.

For high visibility applications such as night or tunnel work, we recommend the bright orange powdercoat finish. 

Product Specifications

Galvanised Steel Product Code03-1000
FinishGalvanised Steel

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