Product Description

Fortress Fencing’s Crowd Control Barrier Gate in Orange, is the ideal solution for construction sites, events, and more. It offers exceptional stability, effortless setup and storage, and high visibility, making it a valuable asset for any professional.

Unwavering Stability:

Unique dual interlocking hinges: These hinges set our barriers apart, providing unmatched sturdiness and keeping your crowd control secure.

Choose Your Finish: Galvanised Steel or High-Visibility Orange

Introducing our fast interlocking system designed to streamline your setup and disassembly process, saving you valuable time. With removable feet, you can easily stack and store components in a compact manner, maximising space efficiency. Our system prioritises safety with low-profile feet that minimise trip hazards and come with pre-drilled holes for secure bolt-down installations, ensuring compliance with OH&S regulations. Experience convenience, efficiency, and safety all in one innovative solution.

High Visibility and Customisation:

Our barrier system prioritises safety with its eye-catching safety orange powder coating, enhancing visibility, especially crucial in low-light environments. Additionally, for those prioritising durability, we offer the option of galvanised steel construction, ensuring long-lasting performance in any setting.With these versatile features, our barrier system provides both safety and durability, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Optional Accessory: 03-1000FO Orange Crowd Control Barrier Feet (enhance stability, minimize trip hazards, secure bolt-down)

Product Specifications

Product Code (Galvanised)03-CCBGATE
Product Code (Orange)03-CCBGATEO

Invest in Long-Term Value:

Owning Fortress Fencing’s Orange Crowd Control Gate is a cost-effective solution

compared to frequent rentals. They are built to last, ensuring you have a reliable partner

for your crowd control needs. Let us know how we can help you towards your project.

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