Transform your gate into a mobile powerhouse!

Our Wheeled Pipes are a smart solution for smooth gate operation, even on rough terrain. These convenient attachments add a caster wheel to a pipe extension, making it easy for your gate to roll smoothly.

Here’s why you’ll love them:

  • Effortless Maneuvering: Our Wheeled Pipes feature a smooth-rolling wheel that ensures navigating your gate is a breeze. This innovative design allows for seamless movement across various terrains.
  • Complementary Design: These attachments perfectly integrate with our Gate Hinge Clamps (sold separately), offering a complete mobile gate system. By combining the Wheeled Pipes with our Gate Hinge Clamps, you enhance the functionality and mobility of your gate.
  • Choose Your Size: Available in 33mm and 40mm OD options, our Wheeled Pipes are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing gate frame. Whether you have a standard or custom gate, there’s a size option to suit your needs.
  • Simple Installation: With quick and easy attachment, our Wheeled Pipes can be installed effortlessly, providing immediate mobility for your gate. Say goodbye to complex installations and hello to smooth gate operation in no time.

Product Specifications

Wheel with pipe (33mm)01-WP33
Wheel with pipe (40mm)01-WP40

Don’t deal with inconvenient gates that slow you down

Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and discover how our

Gate Hinge Clamps and Wheeled Pipes can revolutionize your gate management.

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