Lightweight Concrete

Say goodbye to heavy concrete bases and hello to a safer, more sustainable future with Fortress Polyblok. Our innovative temporary fence feet are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and rubber, offering exceptional stability without the backbreaking weight of traditional concrete.

Polyblok the preferred choice

  • Unmatched Stability: Don’t be fooled by its weight. Polyblok’s unique design delivers superior stability compared to concrete bases nearly twice its weight. This translates to secure fencing you can rely on, regardless of the conditions.
  • Lightweight Champion: At just 17kg, Polyblok is significantly lighter than concrete, reducing worker fatigue and the risk of injuries during installation. Plus, you can load more Polyblok feet per truck, saving on transportation costs.
  • Safety First: Polyblok’s innovative design minimizes trip hazards. Fence panels can be mounted at the front of the base, eliminating protruding feet that can create uneven surfaces.
  • Australian Standard Approved: Polyblok meets the rigorous standards set by AS4687, giving you peace of mind that it’s built to last in harsh Australian environments.
  • Simple Installation: The lightweight design and easy-to-handle form factor make Polyblok a breeze to install, even for a single worker.
  • Multiple Applications: Polyblok is the perfect solution for various temporary fencing needs, including construction sites, event perimeters, and crowd control.

Product Specifications

Product Code (35mm)02-P35B
Product Code (43mm)02-P43B
Size800mm (H) x 284mm (W) x 146mm (H)
Hole SizeØ40mm
Warranty2 Years

The Future of Temporary Fence Bases is Here.

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