Fortress Fencing Handrails: Enhance Safety on Construction Sites

Ensure the safety of workers and pedestrians on uneven ground with Temporary Fencing Handrails. These handrails are designed to fit seamlessly with all our temporary fence systems. Crafted from durable galvanized steel, they withstand harsh weather conditions.

Our handrails enhance pedestrian safety by reducing the risk of trips and falls. They’re compatible with all Fortress Fencing temporary fence types, making installation easy. Also, they’re lightweight at just 4.5kg, so they’re easy to handle and move around your construction site.

Enhanced Safety

Fortress Handrails are 2.54 meters (around 8.3 feet) long and perfect for adding stability to uneven areas. They attach to your existing Fortress Fencing panels with couplers (sold separately) and help prevent trips and falls, especially for pedestrians.

  • Added safety: Provides extra support on uneven ground, reducing the risk of trips and falls.
  • Easy installation: Attaches securely to your existing Fortress Fencing panels with couplers.
  • Improves safety: Provides essential support for pedestrians, workers, and visitors in uneven terrain.

Fortress Handrails: Built to Last

Fortress Handrails are made of strong steel with a special zinc coating (galvanized) that protects them from rust and damage, even in tough weather conditions. Despite being quite strong, these handrails are lightweight (around 4.5kg), making them easy to carry and install on your project site.

Product Specifications

Product Code (2000 series)01-HRAIL32
Product Code (3000 series)01-HRAIL40
Length2.54 meters
MaterialGalvanized steel

Fortify your construction site with Fortress Handrails!

These easy-to-install, galvanized steel handrails seamlessly integrate with 

Fortress Fencing systems, enhancing safety and preventing falls.

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