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Eco-Hoard: Sustainable Hoarding Panel System

Eco-Hoard is a recyclable plastic hoarding panel system, made from lightweight modular panels for quick and easy installation. Eco-hoard is made for rapid installation and removal and can be re-sited quickly making it ideal for phased projects or rapidly changing worksites. With no nails or screws involved, there is no damage to the panels so you can use it time and time again. The clean, smooth exterior helps you maintain a professional identity, allowing for an attractive customer-facing facade on which graphics can be printed or vinyl attached. The thin 500mm wide panels enable easy contouring around corners, recesses and odd shapes. They are easy to fit and very light to handle compared to timber or traditional hoarding panels. The panels are robust and UV resistant.


  • Approved to Australian Standards
  • Lightweight
  • Fast install
  • UV resistant
  • Recyclable plastic
  • Contact us regarding printed panels or custom printed vinyl wraps

Eco-Hoard Portable: Versatile Hoarding Solution

Eco-Hoard Portable: This versatile hoarding system is designed as an effective portable/semi-permanent facade to surround building sites. This solution has proven to be very effective in high pedestrian areas or where multiple moves of the hoarding is required. Panels measure 3m high and 0.5m wide. They can go round corners and can incorporate recesses to fit around the main features and landscape of the site.

Eco-Hoard fixed in-ground is a direct replacement for standard timber style hoarding. This clean, attractive, fast alternative is the market leader in external hoarding solutions. Eco-Hoard fixed in-ground can be installed at a rapid 100m per day. This is super fast for a semi-permanent structure.

All Eco-hoarding panels are 100% reusable meaning they can also be interchanged between both portable and permanent systems.

Eco-Hoard Rpp Fixing Clamps

Eco-Hoard Sheets & Couplers
Length:1m, 2m, 3m
OD Tube:48mm
Tube Length:03-HRDSHT10 (1.0 x 0.5m)
03-HRDSHT20 (2.0 x 0.5m)
03-HRDSHT30 (3.0 x 0.5m)
RPP Fixing Clip:03-HRDRPP

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