High-Visibility Concrete Feet for Temporary Fencing

Fortress Fencing’s heavy-duty concrete fence feet (up to 25kg) provide a sturdy and secure base for your temporary fencing projects. Made from high-visibility orange blow-molded plastic, these feet are highly durable and reduce the risk of tipping, ensuring safety for workers and the public.

Unwavering Stability

Fortress Concrete Fence Feet deliver unwavering stability for your temporary fencing needs. Filled with heavy-duty concrete weighing up to 25kg, they resist tipping and movement, even in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the high-visibility orange shell provides clear demarcation of the fencing perimeter, enhancing site safety.

Easy Installation

Effortless installation is another key benefit. Pre-molded holes allow you to choose between 33mm or 40mm diameters for seamless compatibility with your existing fencing system. This quick and easy setup saves valuable time on project initiation.

Why choose Fortress Fencing’s concrete filled fence feet?

Our concrete-filled temporary fence feet offer superior stability, enhanced safety with high visibility, a wide range of applications, quick and easy installation, and long-lasting durability, ensuring your temporary fencing remains secure, reduces tripping hazards, suits various needs, saves time and effort during setup, and withstands the demands of any project.

Product Specifications

Product Code02-C32B
Size150mm (H) x 230mm (L) x 33mm (W)
Hole sizeØ33mm

Reliable Fencing Solutions

For dependable solutions in securing your temporary projects,

Fortress Fencing offers heavy-duty concrete fence feet designed for stability and safety.

Reach out to discuss your fencing requirements and benefit from our reliable solutions.

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