Temporary Fence Storage & Transport with Fortress Stillages

The Fortress Fencing Panel Stillage System offers a durable and organized solution for storing and transporting temporary fencing panels. Made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, these stillages protect panels during storage and transportation, ensuring they stay in good condition. Their efficiency in loading and unloading panels simplifies on-site logistics, while their versatility accommodates different types of temporary fencing. Overall, it’s a cost-effective way to manage temporary fencing, helping project managers improve efficiency on their projects.

Effortless Storage & Transportation:

The Fortress Fencing Stillage System is designed for secure transport and storage of temporary fencing panels. Capable of holding up to 54 2000 Series or 45 3000 Series panels, it offers convenient loading with removable corner uprights and smooth on-site transportation via forklift tine slots. This system optimizes logistics, providing an efficient solution for managing temporary fencing needs.

Protect Your Investment:

The purpose-built design of it ensures a perfect fit for Fortress panels, minimizing movement and preventing damage during transport. Elevated storage keeps panels off the ground, preventing rust and deterioration from water and dirt accumulation. This thoughtful design feature enhances the longevity and performance of the panels, ensuring they remain in optimal condition for repeated use.

Optimize Your Worksite:

  • Stackable design allows for maximized storage space and a neater, more organized work environment.
  • Reduced safety hazards by eliminating the need to lean panels against walls or fences.
  • Quick inventory management: Easily see your available panels at a glance for efficient project allocation.

Product Specifications

Product Code01-FPST24CH
Capacity (2000 Series Fence Panels)Up to 54 panels
Capacity (3000 Series Fence Panels)Up to 45 panels
MaterialHeavy duty galvanised steel

The Safe and Efficient Solution for Temporary Fencing Storage & Transport

Get organized and improve your temporary fence management today!

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