Outstanding Privacy & High-Impact Branding

Fortress Fencing’s Premium Printed Fence Fabric is the ultimate solution for construction sites, events, and projects requiring superior privacy and a polished appearance. This heavy-duty fabric (270gsm) effectively blocks up to 80% of visibility, creating a secure and private environment for your operations. Furthermore, it conceals unsightly views, transforming your construction site into a professional space.

Strong Brand Awareness Method

Our printed fence fabric transforms your perimeter into a vibrant marketing canvas. The exceptional print quality allows for the reproduction of intricate designs and bold colors, effectively showcasing your company logo, project details, or any other desired message. This high-visibility feature turns your construction site into a powerful marketing tool, grabbing the attention of passersby and generating brand awareness.

Strong Build & Lasting Quality

Engineered for extended use, our premium fabric is built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Fire retardant additives enhance safety, and the durable PVC coating protects against fading and wear. This long-lasting solution boasts a remarkable lifespan of up to 4 years, making it an investment that delivers exceptional value.

Product Specifications

Product Code48-PFFP
Roll Size1.6m (width) x 50m (length)
MaterialFire-retardant treated

Enhance the look and privacy of your site

Fortress Fencing’s Premium Printed Fence Fabric provides exceptional privacy,

stunning visuals, and long-lasting durability contact us and receive a free quote.

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