Sustainable Temporary Fencing Solution

The construction industry demands efficiency and sustainability. Eco-Hoard Portable delivers both, offering a lightweight, modular hoarding panel system built for rapid installation, relocation, and reusability.

Here’s what makes Eco-Hoard stand out:

  • Fast & Easy Installation: Lightweight modular panels and a no-nail, no-screw design ensure rapid set-up and removal, saving you time and labor costs.
  • Sustainable & Reusable: Made from 100% recyclable plastic, Eco-Hoard is environmentally friendly and can be reused for multiple projects, reducing waste and long-term costs.
  • Professional Appearance: The clean, smooth surface allows for eye-catching graphics or vinyl attachments, creating a professional customer-facing facade.
  • Versatile & Adaptable: 500mm wide panels easily contour around corners, recesses, and odd shapes, making them ideal for various locations.
  • Durable & Weatherproof: The panels are UV resistant and robust, withstanding harsh weather conditions.
  • Scalable & Portable: Eco-Hoard Portable panels are 3m high and 0.5m wide, perfect for portable or semi-permanent fencing needs.
  • Interchangeable: All panels are 100% reusable and can be interchanged between portable and permanent Eco-Hoard systems for added flexibility

Product Specifications

Product Code (1m)03-HRDSHT10
Product Code (2m)03-HRDSHT20
Product Code (3m)03-HRDSHT30
Panel TypeLightweight modular panels

Beyond Portability: A Complete Hoarding Solution

Eco-Hoard offers fixed-in-ground and customizable printed panel options,

providing a complete hoarding solution for any project. Contact us today to

discuss your specific needs and discover how Eco-Hoard can elevate your

construction site aesthetics and environmental commitment.

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