Unmatched Stability and Safety for Event & Construction Sites

R-Pins are the missing piece to your crowd control barrier system, offering an essential layer of stability and security for any event or construction site. These easy-to-use pins effectively interlock connected barriers, creating a solid, unified barrier line that can withstand even heavy crowds or strong winds.

Key Features of R-Pins

  • Enhanced Stability: R-Pins securely connect interlocking barriers, preventing unwanted gaps or movement. This ensures a sturdy, dependable barrier line that effectively channels and controls crowds.
  • Reinforced Safety: By eliminating weak points in the barrier system, R-Pins minimize the risk of unexpected barrier failure. This creates a safer environment for both event attendees and construction workers.
  • Fast and Easy Installation: The user-friendly design of R-Pins allows for quick and effortless installation, saving valuable time on setup and teardown.

Product Specifications

Product Code (R-Pins)03-RPC

Crowd Control Barrier Feet & R-Pins

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