Cost-Effective Solution for Pedestrian Protection

Fortress Fencing’s A-Frame Barrier are the perfect solution for construction professionals, infrastructure developers, and event organisers seeking stable, visible, and cost-effective pedestrian protection.

The A-frame design delivers superior stability compared to softer barriers, ensuring the safety of pedestrians in busy work environments.

Manufactured with high-quality materials, these barriers are tough enough to withstand repeated use, saving you money on replacements across multiple projects. Additionally, the extended 5.8-meter length allows for rapid deployment, minimising setup time and labor costs.

Effortless setup, minimal risk:

Lightweight components (under 20kg each) and on-site assembly make A-frame barriers easy to install and reduce the risk of manual handling injuries for your crew. Conveniently shipped in space-saving kits, these barriers allow for efficient transportation and large-quantity orders.

Additional features:

The high visibility of the bright yellow color ensures clear demarcation of restricted areas, while the swivel top attachments enable flexible configuration for creating bends or cross-sections, making it adaptable to various needs.


  • Construction sites
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Event crowd control
  • Pedestrian walkways

Product Specifications

Product Code (Stand)03-AFRAME-ST
Product Code (Tube)03-AFRAMET
Product Code (Swivel)03-AFRAME-ST-ASS
Tube Length5.85m
Tube Diameter42mm

Prepare for your future projects:

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