Effective Traffic Separation and Safety

Maintain ultimate safety and organization on your construction sites with Fortress Fencing Utility Barriers. These precast concrete barriers, also known as jersey barriers, are designed for robust protection during various civil and infrastructure projects.

Highlight Features

  • Effective Traffic Separation: Create clear divisions between work zones, pedestrian walkways, and traffic lanes, ensuring safety for workers and the public.
  • Enhanced Accident Prevention: The substantial weight (1500kg) and sturdy design minimize the risk of vehicle incursions, safeguarding both property and individuals.
  • Improved Worksite Visibility: Highly visible concrete construction barriers act as a clear visual guide for drivers, promoting adherence to designated traffic flow.

Constructed for durability

Fortress Fencing Utility Barriers are manufactured from high-quality precast concrete, ensuring exceptional durability and resilience in demanding environments. Fortress Fencing Utility Barriers are equipped with forklift pockets for swift and efficient transportation and placement on-site, and their substantial weight of 1.5 tonnes offers superior stability, even in harsh weather conditions.

Product Specifications

Product Code03-3MUTBR
MaterialPrecast Concrete

Fortify your construction site or event with the Fortress Fencing Utility Barrier.

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