Lo-Ro Water Cable Barrier: Superior Deflection, Enhanced Safety

The Lo-Ro Water Filled Cable Barrier introduces a revolutionary solution for work zone protection, combining unmatched stopping power with simplified deployment. This innovative barrier offers best-in-class deflection with a rate of 3.6m, positioning it as the premier choice for a MASH TL-2 water-filled barrier. Its superior stopping power ensures minimal vehicle intrusion into work zones, effectively safeguarding both workers and pedestrians.

Additionally, the Lo-Ro is fully compliant with AS/NZS 3845 and holds approvals from Austroads, as well as being authorized for use by NSW RMS, VicRoads, QLD TMR, Main Roads WA, and SA DPTI for speeds of up to 70km/hr.

Unmatched Low Deflection

The Lo-Ro boasts the lowest deflection rate of any MASH TL-2 water-filled barrier in the market at just 3.6 meters. This translates to superior protection against errant vehicles, ensuring the safety of workers within the designated area.

Enhanced Worker Safety

The Lo-Ro’s sturdy design with three galvanized steel cables ensures minimal penetration into the work zone. This, combined with the reduced clear zone requirement due to its low deflection, creates a safer work environment.

Efficient Use of Space

Unlike traditional barriers, the Lo-Ro’s compact design requires a shorter minimum length and smaller clear zone. This translates to significant cost savings as less material is needed to achieve the desired level of protection.

Product Specifications

Product Code (Orange)LORO-Orange
Product Code (White)LO-RO-White

MASH TL-1 & TL-2 compliant, lowest deflection in class

Protect your work zone and workers with the Lo-Ro Water Filled Cable Barrier.

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