Engineered Construction of J-Guard Panels

Introducing the J-Guard Edge Protection System: your ultimate solution for safety near exposed edges. Designed for construction professionals and event organisers, this system offers unparalleled protection with its modular design and easy installation. Built with heavy-duty galvanised steel, it withstands harsh weather while providing optimal safety.

Adaptable and Easy to Install Edge Protection

J-Guard seamlessly adapts to your specific needs, whether it’s a simple concrete slab edge or a complex high-rise construction site. This modular system boasts a fast and easy interlocking design, eliminating the need for certified installers and saving you valuable time and money.

Engineered for Safety, Long lasting

J-Guard prioritises safety and longevity. Its heavy-duty galvanised steel construction provides unmatched protection for workers and pedestrians with 940mm or 1880mm high barriers, exceeding safety standards. Built to endure, J-Guard withstands harsh weather conditions thanks to its weather-resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting performance on any project.

Streamlined Efficiency and Long-Term Value

J-Guard’s design prioritises both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The compact packaging ensures streamlined delivery to your site, minimising logistical challenges and allowing for faster deployment. Additionally, J-Guard’s reusable design allows for easy dismantling and re-use on future projects, maximising your investment and providing long-term value.

Product Specifications

Product Code07-JG2300
ApprovalsAS/NZS 4994

Technical Documents

Invest in Safety and Efficiency with J-Guard

J-Guard Edge Protection System offers the perfect combination of safety, ease of use,

and cost-effectiveness for your construction or event needs.

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