Enhanced Public Safety: Anti-gawk screens

Upright Anti-gawk screens significantly reduce visual distractions for passing motorists, preventing rubbernecking accidents and ensuring a safer work environment for construction personnel.

Our heavy-duty mesh panels obstruct the view of the worksite, ensuring privacy for ongoing operations and deterring unauthorized access.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for anti-gawk and anti-debris purposes, these screens are ideal for construction sites, roadwork zones, events, and more. They can also promote your brand and project information by attaching printed banner mesh or shade cloth directly to the panels, transforming a safety measure into a valuable marketing tool. Additionally, they can seamlessly integrate with existing Star Posts or Dynabolted posts for a swift and secure setup.

Product Specifications

Product Code03-SAGSJJH
Size3000mm (Length) x 1000mm (Height)
Mesh257mm x 61.25mm, 4mmØ

Construction Site Safety & Branding

Fortify your construction site with our anti-gawk screens!

Enhance public safety, maintain privacy, and promote your brand with a single solution.

Easy to install and highly versatile.

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