Temporary crowd control fencing panels in Sydney’s CBD

Fortress Fencing Steel Crowd Control Barriers

Temporary crowd control fencing is widely used on worksites, during roadworks and for controlling crowds at events. Workers often need to fence off no-go areas, drop-offs, uneven surfaces, or unfinished construction jobs, whilst still allowing some degree of pedestrian access.

Workers on site frequently need to create moveable walkways during construction activities. These need to provide a safe walkway to different parts of the site, but also need to be light and temporary enough that they can be easily moved when the construction progresses and changes.

Often a full height temporary fence is unnecessary and does not suit the needs of the site. Regular temporary fencing is braced and locked into concrete feet, and it is designed to be more secure and semi-permanent for the duration of the project.

On the other hand, a fence that’s lightweight, stacks and travels easily, and can be set up by one person is the ideal solution for sites with changing needs.

This is where a crowd control fence comes into its own: it’s light, easy to move, easy to stack and transport, and provides an effective visual barrier.

Temp Fence Panels in Sydney

Fortress temporary crowd control fencing panels are ideal for a range of applications. These lightweight galvanized steel fences are low profile, meaning they can fit into tight spaces without jutting out into the walkway and causing a safety hazard for pedestrians. Plus, the removable steel feet are also designed for minimal intrusion into the street. When used on site, they are rugged and can withstand the day-to-day knocks and scrapes of a construction site.

Temporary crowd control fencing panels have a number of common applications, and in the photos here you can see how these steel barriers have been used to cordon off small hazards along Sydney’s George Street during the construction of the new Sydney Metro light rail.

Workers have safely roped off tree surrounds and other small trip hazards whilst new paving and street furniture installations were taking place, thereby ensuring that loose items and unfinished work did not present a safety risk.

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