Pedestrian barriers for Sydney CBD upgrade

The Project

With more than 90 per cent of the daily through-Sydney commuter trips being undertaken on foot, opening up a new walkable corridor is a boon for CBD workers and visitors.

This ‘pedestrianisation’ of George Street in Sydney’s CBD incorporates transport links, the retail sector and when finished in 2022, will link to Chinatown and the cinema zone together in a sprawling pedestrian-friendly network.

The project includes over 100 trees to form a green canopy over the Bathurst to Goulburn Street sector, which is currently being paved in granite.

When finished, the project will encompass more than 9,000 square metres of new space for walking, footpaths to replace car lanes, and simpler intersections to reduce travel times for everyone.

The Challenges

The contractor, Sydney Civil, was engaged to undertake this project for the City of Sydney. The scope included extending the pedestrianised zones, making open space improvements on George Street, installing new street trees, seating and lighting and more.

Throughout the project, the Sydney Civil team would be working alongside active pedestrian areas, and therefore they required a simple lightweight barrier to discourage people from walking into the light rail corridor whilst pedestrian access was blocked across the street.

The Solution

The team used Fortress crowd control barriers to line the pedestrian walkways, ensuring people crossed at safe zones only.

Fortress crowd control barriers are strong, lightweight and quick to deploy, making it easy to set them up on site for a huge range of construction projects.

Available in both galvanized steel and highly visible orange powder-coat, the barriers come with easily removable feet to allow for efficient stacking and transport. The low intrusion feet are also available separately should you need to replace any old or damaged units.

For this project, Sydney Civil have incorporated extra stability with weighted temporary fence feet.

Crowd control barriers are lightweight at just 11kg each and are easy to install and link together using interlocking hinge pins.

Their sturdy design, durable galvanised finish and bolt-down feet make these barriers the ideal choice in temporary crowd control.

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