Fortress Fencing’s Contribution to the North East Link Infrastructure Project

The Project

The North East Link Program, a key initiative, aimed to bridge the significant transport gap in Victoria. Spearheaded by the Spark North East Link Design & Construct Joint Venture (Spark NEL D&C JV, or Spark), this $11.1 billion project is a testament to modern engineering and collaboration. Encompassing 6.5km of three-lane twin tunnels, it bridges the M80 to the Eastern Freeway. The consortium, which includes titans like Webuild, CPB Contractors, GS Engineering & Construction, and China Construction Oceania, began its rigorous operations from October 2021.

The Challenge

An undertaking of this magnitude necessitates unparalleled safety, effective demarcation, and crowd management. Crucial to the project’s success was the need for durable and reliable barrier and fencing solutions. Spark’s vision was clear: to ensure uninterrupted construction flow while prioritising safety for all.

The Solution

Fortress Fencing rose to the challenge, aligning its solutions with Spark’s stringent requirements. We supplied 663 of our premium water-filled barriers, spanning an impressive 1326 lm. Given the diversity of the site’s demands, Fortress Fencing also catered to their fencing needs by deploying over 2km of our temporary fence panels, consisting of 972.5m from our renowned 2000 series and 1060m of our robust heavy-duty fences.

In addition, our 585 orange and 139 silver crowd control barriers, totalling over 1.5km (1665.2lm), were pivotal during high traffic times and essential construction phases. At Fortress Fencing, it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about crafting solutions that fit perfectly. We ensured Spark could navigate its massive undertaking with optimal safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. By deeply understanding the essence of the North East Link Program, Fortress Fencing is honoured to have influenced Victoria’s transport future.

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