Shadecloth & Scaffold Netting

Fortress Fencing can supply your building site or civil project with all types of site mesh and shade cloth.

For large multi-level projects, Fortress Fencing can provide scaffold netting, also known as debris netting or construction netting. This material has a wide variety of applications for your construction site. Fortress Fencing uses premium quality shade cloth to create a wind barrier and control dust. It blocks up to 70% of UV rays and reduces environmental impact by containing debris within your site. Additionally, scaffold netting increases pedestrian and worker safety.

Our plastic web mesh range is equally useful. Fortress Fencing supplies the highest quality mesh that is quick to install. Simply attached it tie wire, cable ties or clips and unroll, fastening as you go. Dismantling and storing the plastic web netting is as easy as the installation - simply cut the ties and roll up the netting.

Scaffold Netting is commonly used for enclosing scaffolding to create a wind barrier. Also, it eliminates dust and debris from affecting surrounding environments. Pedestrian and worker safety is also increased due to its protective nature. Our scaffold netting features a 35% UV block out.

The most simple solution, Shadecloth is commonly used on building sites, temporary fencing and scaffolding. It offers privacy and reduces dust and debris from exiting the building site.

Additionally, a construction site or development gives you a unique opportunity to endorse your brand by maximum exposure from covering scaffolding or temporary fencing. Promote your brand with custom printed shade cloth – a cost efficient method to advertise your company on your temporary fencing. Branding and promoting your company and products is easy with printed shade cloth.

Fortress Fencing has a range of other site safety supplies and consumables to meet your requirements, such as temporary site fencing. Call 1800 809 809 to speak to our friendly customer service team.

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