Construction HoardingEcoHoard

A versatile hoarding system for high pedestrian areas, made from 100% recyclable plastic.

Fast to install and fully demountable and reusable, Fortress Fencing Eco-Hoard allows for flexible configurations. A smooth facade allows for easy install of promotional graphics such as vinyl banners.

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Length: 3000mm
Width: 0.5mm
Height: 2400mm
Material: Plastic
Colour: White
Product Code: 03-HOARD

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The Fortress Fencing Eco-Hoard Hoarding panels offer flexible configuration and a super smooth finish to give a professional appearance. A safe and sturdy temporary hoarding, Eco-Hoard has a smooth and attractive customer-facing facade which is perfect for attaching graphics or vinyls to. Eco-Hoard can be used many times over and lasts up to 10 years!

Standard Eco-Hoard temporary hoarding panels range from 2.4m to 3m high and measure 500mm wide. They are extremely flexible on site and can go around corners, alcoves or landscape features such as trees. Eco-Hoard can incorporate recesses to fit around the main features and landscape of the site, giving you a modular and customised perimeter fencing solution.

Fortress Fencing Eco-Hoard hoarding panels attach to each other quickly and securely. They are easy to fit and very light to handle compared to timber or traditional hoarding panels. Eco-Hoard is robust and UV resistant, adding to its life span in challenging environments. When you've seen Eco-Hoard, you'll never use a timber or steel hoarding again!


  • Rapid Installation – panels are easy to assemble
  • Stable and safe thanks to strong fabricated steel supports
  • Relocates easily, ideal for staged or phased projects
  • Reusable – no nails or screws means no damage - use your panels again and again
  • Attractive and clean finish helps you maintain a professional identity
  • Flexible modular system comes in any length you need
  • Perfect corners and recesses are no problem
  • Robust with high impact resistance, yet light to handle
  • Attach vinyl branding – ask us about vinyl banners for your hoarding
  • Eco-friendly – replacing timber or steel hoardings with Eco-Hoard substantially reduces your company's carbon footprint
  • Recyclable, can be recycled and made into new panels or other plastic products
  • Cheaper lifetime cost – although Eco-Hoard panels inititally cost more than timber, after several re-uses their 'whole life costs' are substantially less
  • Easy to transport in a van or ute, no need for trucks or complicated transportation
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