Jaybloc Concrete Non-Crash Rated Jersey Barrier

A tough and heavy duty security barrier, ideal for car parks, public malls, plazas, sports venues and other potential theft, terrorism or ramming targets.

The Jaybloc is a great solution for security applications where the specifications and test results of a fully crash rated barrier are not required. A solid concrete jersey barrier for reliable protection against ramming, theft or vandalism.

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Length: 2, 4 or 6m
Height: 800mm
Weight: ~1000kg
Product Code: 03-JAYBLOC

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With pedestrian safety a growing concern in open spaces, the Jaybloc is a great option for anti-terrorism efforts. This barrier can be used around malls, plazas and other outdoor areas where people congregate. With all the benefits of the Deltabloc concrete barriers, but without the crash rating and additional expense of specific approvals and internal steel reinforcement, the Jaybloc presents a great solution for contractors needing a heavy concrete barrier for non-traffic applications.

Made from 30mpa wet cast concrete in our precast concrete production facility, the Jaybloc provides tough, reliable ramming and breakthrough protection without the expensive, highly engineered crash ratings.


  • Available in 2, 4 or 6 m lengths
  • Considerable weight to prevent vehicle breakthrough at slow speeds
  • Use as a solid concrete block or barricade to prevent vehicle entry
  • Non-crash rated
  • Ideal for security, anti-terrorism, ramming protection, anti-theft and car park protection
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