Fortress Fencing manufactures, imports and supplies a range of safety barriers. These include products such as crowd control barriers, water filled barriers, road, traffic and pedestrian barriers. These are primarily designed for use on civil & construction projects. In addition, barriers can be used in car parks, public events, road & traffic applications and delineation. Our products are easy to install, highly visible, sturdy and durable.

Buying barriers that are approved to Australian Standards ensures you are getting a safe barrier. Australian and International Standards approved barriers must withstand impact or continuous use. This includes use in harsh conditions such as construction sites and demolition sites. Furthermore, barriers are useful in pedestrian and high traffic areas.

Fortress Fencing supplies crowd control fencing or event fencing - this is an interlocking and free standing product. Crowd control fencing is also ideal for civil & construction projects and public events. A simple design, galvanised finished and bolt-down feet makes this the ideal choice in temporary crowd control.

Conversely, for a longer term solution we recommend concrete jersey barriers such as the DeltaBloc range. These are either rigid or semi-rigid precast concrete traffic barriers, available in 4m or 6m lengths. With a distinctive coupling design that allows for smooth easy assembly, they are Australian Roads approved.

Water-filled barriers are a similar solution which can be easily moved on site. Fortress Fecing stocks Armorzone plastic water filled road barriers, Zone-Block™ barriers and more. These are Australian designed and manufactured with a user friendly interlocking system. Made of UV resistant polythene, Fortress Fencing design our barriers to resist the harsh Australian sun. Water filled barriers are available in a range of colours and sizes.

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