Plastic water filled barriers for Melbourne work zone parking lots


Project: Level Crossing Removal Project (Bell to Moreland)

Project Details: 

  • System used: Trafix water filled barriers
  • Time Period: May 2020
  • Customer: North West Program Alliance
  • Quantity supplied: 40 barriers


John Holland and the North West Program Alliance are delivering the $542 million Bell to Moreland contract. Part of Melbourne’s major Level Crossing Removal Project, this package of works involves the removal of four level crossings on the Upfield line, and the construction of two new stations at Coburg and Moreland.

Major construction began earlier this year and is due to be completed by 2021, after an intensive construction blitz running from July to November.

With over 1000 people working around the clock in the area, the North West Program Alliance team needed to ensure that on-site employee parking was adequately catered for.

The North West Program Alliance allocated a parking zone adjacent to the worksite, but needed to ensure it was safe for workers moving through the area on foot. The parking lot required impact protection from both the rail line side and the road on the opposite side.



Fortress Fencing supplied plastic water filled barriers for this parking area. In conjunction with the existing concrete barriers lining the road, this ensured that adequate impact protection was available on the hazardous sides of the lot.

The Trafix plastic water filled barriers provided safe delineation against the railway line. These plastic water barriers weigh 327kg when full of water, however when empty they weigh only 20kg enabling easy positioning on site.

Because they are made from rotomoulded plastic, they have no seams and therefore no weak points, making them a strong and reliable barrier. Designed for applications such as pedestrian control, car parks and work sites, these 1.2m long barriers easily join together with a moulded plastic pin mechanism.



Fortress Fencing supplies a wide range of products to customers needing to ensure safety on site. From water filled barriers to temporary fencing and more, we can help make your site as safe as possible.

For more information on the Trafix barriers, get in touch with our friendly team or request a quote.

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