GPO Concrete jersey barriers

Concrete Barriers Surround Adelaide's GPO Exchange Building


GPO Exchange Building

Project Overview

  • Product: DB80 Concrete Barriers
  • Quantity: 16 Concrete Barriers (6m), 1 Transition Barrier (6m, for Absorb350)
  • Install Length: 102m
  • Time Period: October 2017
  • Location: Franklin Street & King William Street, Adelaide SA

About the Project:

Located in the heart of the City of Adelaide will be the new GPO Exchange Building. Our customer, Built, is set to deliver a 20-storey tower that will integrate with the heritage Telephone Exchange Building. All in all, this project will have a value of $100 million.

The 24,500sqm GPO Exchange project will include 16 floors of commercial office space. Additionally, a new ground floor foyer, retail precinct and a two-floor car park is in the plan.

As part of the works Built will also refurbish and upgrade the historic Telephone Exchange Building. Initially the Exchange was opened in 1883 was one of the first Australian telephone exchanges (with just 27 telephone lines!). When the project completes in the third quarter of 2019, it will be the new address for the South Australian Attorney-General’s Department.


The Solution:

Built were looking for a solution that could surround the perimeter of the project and provide a professional finish. Fortress Fencing recommended our concrete crash barriers, also known as jersey barriers.

Fortress Fencing supplied Built with 102 lineal metres of concrete barriers. In this instance, Built painted and branded the DB80 Concrete Crash Barriers. Coupled with the Class B hoarding and facade around the building site, it presented a neat finish. What’s more, the concrete jersey barriers were also used as a foundation to support beams. These beams were attached to the hoarding above the concrete barriers. Furthermore, workers placed the barriers to demarcate a footpath area. In essence, the concrete jersey barriers provided a safe walkway for pedestrians during construction.

DPTI has approved the DB80 Concrete Crash Barriers for speeds up to 100km/h. This means that the barriers permit minimal deflection if someone was to lose control of their vehicle. The barriers are also approved by VIC Roads, TMR and RMS.

Available in 4m or 6m lengths, Fortress Fencing concrete barriers have a distinctive coupling design that allows for easy assembly. They measure 800mm high and have a smooth finish which looks great painted as shown in this project.

On the whole, these concrete jersey barriers provided a professional facade around the building site.

Built is likely to complete the project in February 2019.


Product Specifications

  • Length: 6 m
  • Height: 800 mm
  • Width: 580 mm
  • Weight: 3120 kg
  • Approved Speed Limit: 100 km/h


Custom Painted Concrete Road Barriers
Concrete jersey barriers
Concrete road Barrier onsite Adelaide
Concrete Crash Barriers at GPO building