Temporary Fencing – Handrails

Reduce the likelihood of accidents and falls with a handrail to provide pedestrians with additional support.

Easily installed on fence panels via heavy duty couplers, these handrails feature a galvanised finish and are approved to Australian Standards AS4687.

Temporary Fencing – Clamps/Couplers

Designed for quick and easy installation of fence panels, providing a safe and secure fixture for 32mm – 40mm tubes.

Our couplers are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure that your fence remains secure.

Temporary Fencing – Stillages

Solve your temporary fencing storage and transportation issues!

Stillages are manufactured to the highest standard to ensure that you can stack, store and transport up to 45 x 3000 Series fence panels or 54 x 2000 Series fence panels per stillage.

Temporary Fencing – Gates

An effective way to keep an area secure whilst remaining functional for foot traffic and vehicle entry.

Gates are connected via a coupler that is designed to work as a hinge, giving you the freedom to add a gate at any point in your fencing line.

Temporary Fencing – Bracing/Stays

Bracing is an essential part of a sturdy temporary fencing system.

Careful consideration for the quantity and strength of bracing required should be taken when assessing your area and the type of installation.

Temporary Fencing – Polyblok Feet

Reduce installer fatigue and injury with our lightweight Polyblok Temporary Fence Feet.

Using heavy concrete bases increases the chance of worker injury and fatigue when installing large runs of temporary fencing, Polyblok bases are quick to install, sturdy and easy to handle at just 17kg. Polyblok feet are Standards Approved and almost unbreakable!

Fortress Sound Barrier – Noise Absorption Curtain

A durable and effective noise dampening system, our UV resistant acoustic curtains provide an excellent noise barrier on construction sites and in other noisy work areas. Offering up to 80% noise reduction (at 24dB).

Available in a range of weights to suit different noise frequencies.

Custom branding is also available, please ask our friendly team for details.

Temporary Fencing – Concrete Fence Feet

Cost effective concrete filled blow moulded fence feet.

Manufactured to the highest standards. High visibility orange reduces tripping hazard and increases public safety. Fast installation and extremely sturdy.