Angled Anti-Gawk Panels For Precast Barriers

Side-mounted anti-gawk screening for 6m long precast concrete barriers.

Reducing visibility on roadside work zones provides safety for road uses. Drivers often become distracted by roadwork and this can lead to hazardous situation for both drivers and workers.

ArmorZone Fence Panel – Anti-Gawk Screen To Suit ArmorZone Water Filled Barrier

This rugged anti-gawk screen suits the ArmorZone water barriers.

Armorzone anti-gawk screen to suit ArmorZone water filled crash barriers. Fits easily to the Armor Zone barrier to provide a more thorough protection around the work site. With the addition of the fence panels, these barriers provide good protection for temporary worksites and other miscellaneous roadside activities. Please contact our friendly team for more details.

3m Anti-Gawk Screen For Concrete Road Barrier

Heavy duty 3m anti-gawk screen for precast concrete barriers.

Mesh panels commonly known as anti-gawking screens are used on civil work sites and construction sites to reduce the visibility of the sites activities to the general public and to pedestrians or vehicles passing by.

ArmorZone MASH Anti-Gawk Screens

This rugged anti-gawk screen suits the ArmorZone MASH water barriers.

Size: 1965mm wide x 1200mm high, weighs 20kg per panel. Made from hot dipped galvanised steel, these Armorzone barrier screens suit the MASH Armorzone unit and have a 1 year warranty.

Water-Wall Barrier Anti-Gawk Screen

Water-Wall Barrier Anti-Gawk Screen. These mesh fence panels fit neatly to the Water wall crash barriers, providing additional security. You can also create additional privacy by using our fence mesh for gawk screens.

Anti-Gawk Screen To Suit Trafix Water Filled Barrier

This anti-gawk screen is purpose designed to suit the Trafix 2000 water filled barriers. The Trafix is perfect for pedestrian delineation, carparks, work sites and cordoning off no-go zones and with the addition of this fence panel, it provides additional security and privacy.

Anti-Gawk Screens

Used on civil & construction projects to reduce the visibility of work site activities to the public.

Assisting in meeting construction regulations by protecting pedestrians and the public from loose debris. Screens are lightweight and easy to install.