Thiess Gasworks Remediation

Deltabloc Road Barriers MacDonaldtown, Syndey

Recently Fortress Fencing has supplied our RMS Approved Delta-bloc Concrete Road Barriers to the Thiess Gasworks Remediation Project at Macdonaldtown. Having worked with this project on a hire vs buy comparison the team at Thiess saw significant advantage in the fixed cost of purchase rather than the unknowns of hire.

  • Fortress Anti-Debris Screens installed on 6m RMS Approved Deltabloc Road Barriers
  • Delineation of Road Traffic from the Rail Corridor.
Customer Comments

“My comments on the F Type Hoarding are it is a clean neat system quickly installed.”

Key Data
System Used Anti-Debris Screens + DB 80
Time Period Installed Oct 2014
Install Length 312m
Customer Thiess Contractors
Speed Zone N/A
Barrier Length 6m
thiess gasworks
thiess gasworks
thiess gasworks
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