Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size are the temporary fencing panels?

    The 3000 Series are 2100mm high x 2510mm long using 40mm OD tube and weigh 20kg. The footpath panels are 2100mm high x 1500mm long and weigh 15kg.

  • Why would you buy temporary fencing when you can hire it?

    Hiring temporary fencing involves a lot of hidden costs that are added at the end of the contract, and prices can add up quickly over time. The key advantage of buying your temp fencing is the peace of mind that you are paying one price, and you are able to use these panels on many projects, without the difficulties of having to hire and off-hire.

  • Can we have it delivered to where we are?

    Certainly! Fortress delivers temporary fencing supplies to anywhere in Australia including shipping temporary fencing on the east coast to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra, as well as having stock of temporary fencing in Perth and Adelaide plus regional centres and New Zealand. Due to our large stock holdings, we are generally able to have your temp fence or barriers shipped immediately after ordering.

  • Are prices competitive at Fortress?

    Prices are very competitive at Fortress - and we are so confident to stand behind this promise that if you find a better price, Fortress will immediately better that price with no questions asked!

  • Can I buy temporary fencing in whatever quantities I need?

    Absolutely! We have a huge amount of panels in stock; therefore any quantity should always be available. Extra savings are achieved through buying bulk quantities – call our temporary fencing shop now to find out prices on the quantity you require.

  • Do you sell temporary fence feet, braces and other accessories?

    Yes! Fortress also supplies the feet, the couplers, custom printed shade cloth, handrails, gate wheels, safety mesh, bracing and much more including concrete crash barriers and water filled barriers. Ask us now for your special requirements.

  • Can we hire fencing supplies?

    Fortress only sells the temporary fencing, however we have many preferred hire companies that we could recommend in your area.

  • What if I can’t afford to buy it all now?

    Fortress understands the difficulty in a large capital outlay. That's why we offer a finance plan which gives you flexible options for purchasing your panels. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

  • Why should I buy from Fortress Fencing?

    Fortress is one of the only temporary fencing shops in Australia that is continually making panels to keep in stock at all times. Stock is readily available and prices are guaranteed to be lowest - plus we pride ourselves on great service!

  • How soon can the temp fencing systems be delivered?

    Fence panels are available at all times, therefore we'll leave this answer up to you – whenever you want it, we will get it to you!

  • Do you offer any storage options?

    Yes – Fortress has large blocks of land around Australia meaning we can store your panels if you not have the storage space.

  • Do you only offer Temporary Fences?

    No, we've got a much bigger range! Temp fencing is the main product line for Fortress Fencing, however we also offer the complete range of concrete safety barriers, water filled barriers, printed shade cloth (printed in house on our quality banner mesh), as well as safety equipment and construction site supplies. Explore our entire range of Australian-made fencing and safety systems.

  • Is the fencing difficult to install?

    No - Fortress panels are lightweight and modular which makes them easy to install. Watch how fast 100m of temporary fencing can be installed in our videos section.

  • Is the panel of a high quality?

    Absolutely! The Fortress panels are manufactured using a robotic welding process, meaning they roll of the production line identical to one another in quality, size and shape. We can consistently supply a high quality panel, guaranteed!

  • I want to buy temporary fencing in bulk, will I receive a better price for a larger quantity?

    Yes – Fortress offer some very attractive package deals and are always willing to arrange a special deal for you - just give our friendly team a call.

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