Temporary FencingBracing / Stays

Bracing is an essential part of a sturdy temporary fencing system.

Careful consideration for the quantity and strength of bracing required should be taken when assessing your area and the type of installation.

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Material: Steel
Finish: Galvanised Steel - 120 Microns
Product Code: Standard Brace: 01-BRACE
Heavy Duty Brace: 01-BRACEH
F-Frame Brace: 01-FFRAME
33mm Brace: 03-FBRACE33B

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Standard Brace

Product Code: 01-BRACE
Ideal for high wind areas with long straight runs of fencing. Fortress recommends 1 brace every 3rd panel, or more, in high wind areas. Suits Fortress Polyblok and Fortress Rubber (RXR) Foot.

Heavy Duty Brace

Product Code: 01-BRACEH
Designed for applications where a privacy mesh is used. Up to 4 feet can be used per brace. Suits Fortress Polyblok, Fortress Rubber (RXR) and Fortress Multi-fit feet.

F-Frame Brace

Product Code: 01-FFRAME
This support frame is used instead of the standard brace where the fence is installed in an extreme wind area, or where shade cloth is installed. The F-Frame requires and includes 2 x H/D couplers and can fit up to 4 feet.

33mm Heavy Duty Brace

Product Code: 03-FBRACE33B
This heavy duty support is designed to support the 2000 series panels in high wind areas. This brace requires and includes 2 x H/D couplers and can fit up to 4 feet.

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