HUSHTEC® Acoustic Curtain Noise Barrier

We have combined the most endurable material properties to provide a weatherproof and UV resistant acoustic panel that will withstand the toughest conditions with minimal deterioration.

Size: 1.3 x 2m, weight: 6-16kg, Up to 40 db reduction, fully transportable – move them with you to each construction site Quick and easy to erect – to get the job done faster.

Weather and UV resistant, robust and durable, can be installed indoors and outdoors to also control the spread of dust & fumes. Available to suit a full range of noise frequencies and can easily incorporate vision panels, access doors & other penetrations.

Fully printed personalization available to enhance your company brand and environmental image.

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Noise Reduction: upto 40db
Lengths: 1300mm
Height: 2000mm
Weight: 6 - 16kg per panel
Product Code: HUSHTEC® 04-PS6459
Branding: Fully Printable

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The HUSHTEC® acoustic curtain PREMIUM SERIES would have to be the most cost-effective form of mitigating airborne noise available! We have developed these curtains from a range of quality materials sourced worldwide in order to provide an innovative barrier that is very user-friendly and also aesthetically appealing.

The HUSHTEC® acoustic curtain PREMIUM SERIES was designed in a fashion regarded the most cost-effective way to mitigate noise pollution by incorporating amazing attenuation and noise absorption products into the one durable panel.

The HUSHTEC® PREMIUM SERIES are innovatively constructed with Velcro joins down either side to ensure maximum strength/ protection and to gain full compliance with a clip together kit form noise barrier. We have positioned eyelets on the top and bottom of the curtain to enable suspension from site fencing, scaffolding, timber hoardings and many other substrates.

Our HUSHTEC® acoustic fencing can be branded with the design and messages of your choice, recounting your ethos and brand to the public to enhance your company’s profile in an environmentally positive position.

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