DeltaBloc DB80Concrete Crash Barrier

Rigid & Semi-rigid precast concrete Jersey barriers

Available in 4m or 6m lengths, Australian roads approved with a distinctive coupling design that allows for smooth easy assemble.

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Lengths: 2000mm
Height: 800mm
Weight: 2m - 1200kg
4m - 2400kg
6m - 3120kg
Product Code: DB-80

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  • The Concrete Crash Barrier is a deflection system for cars at 100km/h at a 15° angle = 257mm deflection.
  • The distinctive coupling design allows smooth easy assembly and disassembly
  • Light Weight - a fully approved road barrier, the Deltabloc® barriers are surprisingly light weight. At only 520kg per metre, Delta barriers are easy and efficient to transport.
  • Deltabloc® barriers are fully approved by Roads and Maritime Services to 100km per hour!
  • Deltabloc® Barriers are manufactured in 6m and 4m lengths. The unique design keeps the barrier weighed down to allow fast truck mounted crane installation.


Deltabloc® End Treatments

Absorb 350

The Adsorb 350 is a water filled crash cushion that is approved to the NCHRP testing levels 1 and 2. This barrier is ideal for speed zones of 80km’s and under, and it attaches perfectly to the DB80 concrete crash barriers.

The system is very light weight, fast and simple to deploy making it ideal for a fast paced construction environment.


Fortress supports the Tau -II re-directive crash cushion these are used at the end of concrete barriers in speed zones in excess of 80Km/hr.

The system is ideal in hazardous situations where traffic could be in the direct path of a dangerous median or rigid barriers.

These crash cushions have meet the requirements of rigorous MASH testing, meaning these deliver a fully tested, proven system.

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